Behavioral targeting · psychology

Predicting, what is the psychology of those who believe in it?

“The past is outdated, and the future is a rough draft” Joseph MESSINGER (1945-2012)

Behavioral targeting · psychology

Identifying multipotentialite personality

Profiling 2.0 leads me to explore ways and read different people. So this morning when I woke up, because I am early, I discovered Matthieu LASSAGNE and read his topic ” The challenges and talents of multipotentialite people “. The article explains very clearly all the benefits that any organization can derive from the activity… Continue reading Identifying multipotentialite personality

Data sourcing

The bright side of doxing

A few days ago, I searched on the Web pieces of information regarding doxing. And here are some of the few things I found : What Is Doxing? (And How to Avoid It) Doxxing, swatting and the new trends in online harassment FBI warns public officials of doxing threats Those topics have one thing in… Continue reading The bright side of doxing