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Behavioral targeting and profiling: 3 profiles analyzed according to content left on social media

I said it and repeated it over and over: the words you use in your everyday conversations unveil your psychological portrait.

Even when you do not talk about yourself…

Let me show you:

I have delivered (and still deliver) psychological profiles from LinkedIn profiles of people with whom I have been asked to join their professional network. People who only talk about their professional background and their training. So nothing private or personal. And yet …

Judge by yourself:

Profile n°1 (I have respected the persons’ privacy)

You are an open and available person to the world around you. Turning to others, you like novelty, people and, why not, art? Perhaps you have an artistic talent that you left behind? Anyway, you need to feel useful, loved, appreciated. As a result, your search for harmony, stability and tranquility pushes you to be part of a group: family, friends … Perhaps your sensitivity forces you to be suspicious when it comes to express your feelings? Perhaps something related to your childhood, which you will entrust only to a particular person? Because of this, you may need more time than other people before giving your trust to others, which temper your associativity. You are nonetheless a person concerned about not hurting others, and you regret it when you do it inadvertently.”

Profile n°2

You are a person of common sense, steeped in a practical logic that allows you to take real-life problems. Confident, each of your actions is useful, productive, organized, focused on a specific purpose, to protect you from unforeseen situations. And to achieve this, you classify, manage and organize your activity to make it recognized to others, counting only on your own efforts. Always ready to open to them, you know, better than anyone, how to remain positive in order to convince them of the merits of your vision of the world.

Profile n°3

You are a person attracted by the unknown, and who decides on the basis of her own requirements. Your entourage may find your attitudes somehow strange, your behaviors unexplainable. You may even find it hard to justify them and justify yourself. Thus, unpredictable and disconcerting, you avoid the routine of daily life and you are astonished, you surprise yourself at least as much as the others. However, you refuse to lose yourself in the jungle of your complexity. Better: your talents allow you to make it accessible to others, whose perception is less penetrating than yours. For if the origin of your behaviors is sometimes difficult to define, your objectives are clear, and once your way is paved, it is difficult to make you deviate.

Let me be straight: I am neither a seer, nor a magician, nor a telepath. I only use methods and techniques available to everyone. You can use them as well. If you are interested, contact me.


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