What should you know before working with a French ?

I found this morning this piece of news :


  At the office, are French workers rather tidy or messy?

Monday March 20th  2017 , By Julie Tadduni

66% of French people need a tidy office to be effective, according to a survey conducted by, site specializing in e-commerce gardening and DIY .

Are French assets maniacs? For more than 6 of them in 10, efficiency rhyme with tidy office.

As time goes by

Far from being passive, 62% declare gradually putting things away each day. 34% prefer to reorganize everything from top to bottom, even if it takes several days. They are only 4% to concede doing nothing and waiting for someone else to take care of it.

Better do it

Overall, the French describe themselves as moderately organized and able to do better (58%). Twenty-two per cent are perfectly ordered and put away before it even drags on. Finally, 20% do not feel organized at all and make storage only when it becomes compulsory or even dangerous.

From this news, two tendencies appears :

French need to keep control

it appears that, in a working environment, French people need a structured working environment, and are bothered by disorder and messy people, which explains why they keep things tidy. Loving order and regularity, they prefer a scheduled approach to tasks, and therefore, they plan ahead and organize things in a very formal way, to avoid stressing and scrambling at the last minute. This also includes the respect of deadlines. Finally, they tend to throw away what they feel is useless.

French need to avoid uncertainty

Before meetings and negotiations they like to receive all necessary information. As a result, the French are good in developing complex technologies and systems in a stable environment, such as in the case of nuclear power plants, rapid trains and the aviation industry. But they also have a skill in developing laws, rules and regulations in order to structure their economic environment. From all this, it is obvious that French people tend to move away from what they don’t want, and are concerned by problems to solve. They focus on safety, security and protection as well as what should be avoided or gotten rid of.

Therefore, should you be a recruiter or a manager wishing to have a French person as part of your team, a Company eager to do business with a French counterpart or have a French company as your partner, you should always keep these two points in mind.

Working with me, you will be able to get a clearer insight of who people and company really are. Sales people will come up with improved pitches, recruiters with an enhanced perception of any job applicant and freelancers with a better understanding of their customers. If you are interested, contact me.


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