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Predicting, what is the psychology of those who believe in it?

The Web is a gold mine of data for that practicing profiling 2.0 .

The proof of this is the interesting article by Jaques FAVIER entitled ” Bitcoin and Big Brother“. If the content of this article is of interest to the specialists, a sentence caught my attention. Citing one of the warnings issued by Hugues Bersini , Jacques FAVIER writes: “Predictive algorithms will prevent any criminal activity “.

Predicting, the word is launched. And its meaning is not neutral.

In short, a psychological portrait emerges : that of an individual who lacks confidence in his/her abilities, or dissatisfied with the environment in which he/she has evolved, and which he/she considers unreliable. Or by the situation in which he finds himself, and which he considers unsatisfactory. From then on, he/she is in search of total security, convinced that everything is perfectible, everything can be and must be perfect. Such a behavior reveals, of course, a conscientious, cautious individual who has the ability to detect the flaw of a project, the defects of another person, to ensure the safety of his entourage or to set up an organization, A procedure to carry out what it must do. But it also hampers its capacity for invention , openness and is a slippery slope towards procrastination . Not to mention a closure to the novelty, which may appear through emphasing the respect and the perpetuation of traditions.


Hence the need to predict everything and plan everything to control it. A need that dates back to the dawn of time: from the hand of the hand to the stars, through the entrails of animals, man has used all the supports at his disposal to ward off the uncertainty and the unknown that conceals the future . Today, it is the algorithms that are called upon to play this role. In use, these will prove to be as reliable as haruspicin.

Your words reveal who you are. I can teach you how. For this, contact me .


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